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Casa di Fiori is an excellent option when you want to close quickly on a new condominium home or when you need more time to sell your current home.

For Quick Closing Needs

  • The new, move-in ready homes at Casa di Fiori can close within two weeks of going to contract.
  • Move-in ready homes are delivered sparkling clean at the time of closing with all interior work complete including any purchased upgrades.

Lock in Today’s Price & Close Later

  • Our inventory allows us to be more flexible with closing time frames.
  • Casa di Fiori can prepare a contract contingent upon the successful sale of your current home. Once you list your home, you can go to contract with us and we’ll ride along as you take the time needed to sell your home (within the mutually agreed upon timeline set in the contract).
  • Lock in today’s price while you wait for your current home to sell; no worries about price increases on your new Casa di Fiori condo home once you go to contract.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing your new home at Casa di Fiori will be ready as soon as you sell your current home. Finishing work is initiated once the contract is signed – this includes any upgrades selected.

What are you waiting for? Stop by today!

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